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Club Results 2019

Summer Saturdays 2019 - Results and Reports in PDF form.


Club Results 2018

Summer Saturdays 2018 - Results and Reports in PDF form.


Highlands Forest Series #1 - The Piggery - 4 March 2018

Planner: Konsta, Organiser: Peter Meyer

It was back to Belanglo State Forest for the first event of the 2018 SHOO Highlands Forest Series.

The event was organised to coincide with the Women's Orienteering Weekend being run by Barbara Hill's Bold Horizon organisation. Courses were set by visiting Finnish 'scholar' Konsta Vanhanan.

There was a good roll up of experienced orienteers looking for their first bush run of the season. There were also a number of first timers namely the Kimber family; the Samcou family; Tanisha Lo; Nat and Charlene; Alex, Leilah and Leah; and Jared, Jordan and Isaac. We hope they enjoyed the experience and will return for our next event. When the 35 women from Barbara's group were added, it meant that a record number of entries for a SHOO local event of 78 was achieved.

Competitors generally had two favourable comments. Firstly the quality courses set by Konsta and secondly the lovely cool Southern Highlands weather, which for once was ideal for having a run in the bush.

Angus Shedden (SH) flew around the Men's Long Hard course to win from National Junior Development Squad member and well known 'Jeff' cartoonist Duncan Currie (GO) by a couple of minutes. In the Women's equivalent course Angus' wife Ruth (SH) kept it in the family by holding out supported of HFS events Carolyn Haupt (GO) by a similar margin.

For the Short Hard courses Ben Cummins finished ahead of fellow SHOO member and now President Garry Stewart in the Men's. Melissa Robertson took out the Women's from Elaine Bennett (NC).

Men's Moderate was won by HFS stalwart Andy Vessey-Wells (WH) from Michael Hanratty (GO). Rochelle Cox (GO) won the Women's from Georgia Jimenez.

Rory Shedden (SH) finished ahead of first timers the Kimber Family in the Men's Easy. Special congratulations go to Nat and Charlene, also first timers, for taking out the Women's Easy from Linda Mandin.

Euan Shedden (SH) made it a Shedden Family clean sweep by winning the Men's Very Easy course. New SHOO member Elizabeth Lewis won the Women's Very Easy by a margin of only 3 seconds from Sarah Cummins, also from SHOO.

Thanks go to: Lyn - for liaising with Barbara and Konsta; Garry - for entering competitors into the computer; Konsta - for setting the courses and, along with Tony Hill, putting out controls; Sheddens and Robert Spry - for bringing in controls.


The results are available to download through the following link -
Forest Series #1 Results.


Highlands Forest Series #2 - Beyond Rocklea - 29 April 2018

Planner: David Meyer, Organiser: Peter Meyer

The second event of the 2018 Highlands Forest Series saw a return to west Belanglo State Forest and a run on the 'Beyond Rocklea' map. Whilst the Saturday (control placement day!) was a classic Southern Highlands wet and miserable day the sun came out to play on Sunday and so did the runners!

A club record 84 entries tested themselves in the bush among the termies (that's orienteering speak for termite mounds) and rocks. It was great to see so many new faces in amongst the usual suspects and hopefully they enjoyed themselves enough that we will see them at future events. There were also a number of travellers from ACT that made the journey up the Hume Hwy, including Marty Dent with family in tow. He could be the be the first former Olympian to attend a SHOO event??

An 'extra-long' was offered for those looking to test themselves a bit more than usual and boy was it was popular with all the printed maps being sold out! Maybe we will see a return of the XL at future forest series events?

A big thanks to Ian, Emily and dad (Peter) for their help with the event. It was also good to see Ian Meyer have a run after a few years absence from the bush.


The results are available to download through the following link -
Forest Series #2 Results.


Highlands Forest Series #3 - Mt Alexandra Reserve, - 20 May 2018

Planners and Organisers: Angus and Ruth Shedden

A great day for a run on our new map. Thanks Angus and Ruth for the well thought out courses.

The results are available to download through the following link -
Forest Series #3 Results.


Highlands Forest Series #4 - Soapy Flat - 15 July 2018

Planners and Organisers: Garry and Sandra Stewart

A very cold start to the day – heavy frosts but luckily no wind. Gloves were needed to put out controls but all was ready for Lyn’s navigation (compass) skills activity. She had an enthusiastic group armed with map and compass head off into the bush and later try a course on their own to put their new skills to use.

By the time runners started to head out on their courses the temperature had risen and it was very pleasant in the winter sun. It was great to see many newcomers to bush orienteering amongst the 57 starters. Some were in groups or pairs, so the actual number of participants was closer to 70.

The Davis/Parry family took out the Very Easy courses – Darcy and Annika. The Easy courses were taken out by Dan Murray (men’s) and Angel Meischke (women’s). Craig Roach and Sue Attreed took out the Moderate courses with SHOO’s Elizabeth Lewis close behind Sue.

The Hard courses were dominated by SHOO members (except the W Long Hard). Titus Murray and Val Hodsdon on the short courses and Doug Jay and Carolyn Haupt (GO) on the long.

Many thanks to Lyn and Neville for their assistance at the start with the number of newbies who needed help. Also thanks to Doug, Simon, Robert, Peter and Geoffrey (with helpers) for collecting controls.

Garry and Sandra.

The results are available to download through the following links -
Forest Series #4 Results. Forest Series #4 Splits. Progress Point Score.


Highlands Forest Series #5 - Boxvale Tramway - 12 August 2018

Planner and Organiser: Doug Jay

Another great turnout for our popular series despite being up against the City to Surf.

Doug set quite challenging courses, taking us into a wide variety of terrain.

Thanks to those who helped Doug, particularly his non-member mate.

Angus again took out the Men's Long Hard with a good win over Michael Warlters. Ruth took out the women's.

Vall Hodsdon had a close win in the Women's Short Hard over Sallme Fuller while Chippy's son, Peter, took out the men's.

Luca and Gideon had good wins in the Moderate classes. The other classes were taken out by club regulars Euen, Hannah & Daniel Vaughan, Nat and Ailie.

The results are available to download through the following links -
Forest Series #5 Results. Progress Point Score.


Highlands Forest Series #6 - Appin - 16 September 2018

Planner and Organiser: Stephan Wagner

Our final Forest Series (#6) orienteering event for 2018 at Appin was a great success. The weather was ideal and the crowds were excited with lots of positive feedback not just from those competing in the event but from those involved in the fund raising efforts of the Koala Picnic and those enjoying the raw of engines from Appin Wheels Festival across the road.

We ran out of Easy maps as over 60 folk enjoy the orienteering. Well done to all that went out on the courses and apologies to the Long Hard competitors who had to go through an area which was recently back burned.

What a great team effort with special thanks to all those that helped make the event a success:
- Peter Meyer who arrived early to help establish the arena
- Rob Spry and Dean Williamson who calmly assisted Peter when our computer was giving us some challenges
- Lyn and Nev who enthusiastically guided and coached a number of new comers
- Peter and Rob who helped with processing registrations as the queue exceed our expectations
- Lyn who took over from me handling registrations when my right arm & hand cramped
- Peter who managed the results and Lyn who with enthusiastic far fair, presented the prizes to the Forest Series winners
- Ian Miller, Ruth (plus Ewin & Rory), Angus and Rob who brought in controls and helped pack up the site
- Peter who not only helped pack up but also transported all the kit back home for safe storage
- Finally, to the scouts (& parents) who provided us with an array of cooking smells and culinary BBQ delights as they raised funds for the Appin Koalas.


The results are available to download through the following links -
Forest Series #6 Results. Final Point Score.


Club Relays - Mowbray Park Farm Stay - 18 November 2018

Planner and Organiser: Sue and Paul Davis

The weather was kind to us this year with mild temperatures and no rain.

This year the Relays took on the form related to the American Pie Relay. When teams of two were randomly selected, they were given a sector of the farm to add their own control. Teams then completed the newly created course in relay mode.

Thanks all who attended. Several stayed afterwards and enjoyed the BBQ with friends and family at the very accommodating Mowbray Park Farm Stay.


The results are available to download through the following link-
Club Relays 2018 Results.



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